CHARMDshow2014_109CHARMD is Dedicated to the Preservation and Promotion of the Canadian Horse.

The Canadian Horse or Le Cheval Canadien originated from horses sent to Quebec, Canada, by King Louis XIV in 1663.  These horses, the best from the King’s stable, were of French Norman, Breton, Arab, Andalusian and Spanish Barb descent.

Under conditions of hard use, sparse feed, and extreme weather conditions, the Canadian eventually developed into the easy keeping and hardy animals that they are today.

It is said that this Canadian Horse is capable of generating “more power per hundred pounds of body weight than any other horse CHARMDshow2014_158breed.”  Traits such as these earned the Canadian their nickname “The Little Iron Horse”.


We invite you to explore our website to learn more about this rare and unique Canadian breed.

The Canadian Horse Association of the Rocky Mountain District (CHARMD) is affiliated with and supports the legacy of the national Canadian Horse Breeders Association (Société Des Éleveurs De Chevaux Canadiens) which was established in 1895 to preserve and improve the Canadian Horse. CHARMD represents members from a vast Canadian geographical region stretching across the Prairies to CHARMDshow2014_90the Rocky Mountains (BC, AB, SK, MB).

The Canadian Horse has attracted young and old, novice to experienced horseman & woman, hobby to professional interests, English to Western disciplines, trainers to breeders and private individuals to public organizations. This diverse background of CHARMD members ensures that any one contemplating association with CHARMD will find a warm and welcoming reception.

CHARMD members and their Canadian Horses enthusiastically participate in events throughout the year.

Beyond annual events, CHARMD members are close friends, who listen, observe and lend a helping hand to fellow members and their Canadian Horses all through the year.

The passion to preserve and promote the Canadian Horse brings out CHARMDshow2014_161the best from a diverse group of CHARMD members.

Looking for a new, versatile horse breed & a friendly horse club? Connect with CHARMD breeders to find the right Canadian Horse for you, explore our website & visit us at CHARMD events to learn more!



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